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11.10.2012 Brahylophus fasciatus babies have hatched from eggs.

23.07.2012 Varanus prasinus has hatched grom egg.

21.08.2012 Maculophis bellus chapaensis babies have hatched from the eggs.

13.07.2012 we got babies from one more Max Caramel T+ albino female paired with Salmon Pastel het. Max Caramel T+ albino male. There are Sunglow Max Caramel T+ in litter.

12.07.2012 Boa constrictor Peru were born.

07.07.2012 we had babies from Epicrates cenchria cenchria female.

30.06.12 Orthriophis moellendorffi layed clutch of eggs.

27.06.12 we got babies from Acranthophis madagascariensis female.

22.06.12 Python regius High contrast albino female has laid eggs.

18.06.2012 we got babies from female Motley x male Sharp Sunglow. There are Normal, Motley, Hypo, Hуpo Motley in litter, they all are het. Sharp albino.

14.06.2012 we got the first babies Sunglow Max Caramel T+ albino (Hypo Blond T+) from male Salmon Pastel het. Max Caramel T+ albino and female Pink Max Caramel T+ albino.

13.06.2012 Python curtus brongersmai Batik и normal 50% poss. het. T+ albino has hatched.

14.05.2012 and 21.05.2012 newborn Morelia (Chondropython) viridis Lereh hatched.

16.05.2012 and 18.05.2012 we got clutches from Maculophis bellus chapaensis females

08.04.2012 we got clutch from Morelia (Chonropython) viridis Kofiau x Kofiau

05.04.2012 we got clutch from female Python brongersmai Batik

27.03.2012 we got clutch from female Morelia (Chondropython) viridis Lereh © 2009 All Rights Reserved