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Prohorchik Reptiles
Sergey Prohorchik graduated from biological faculty of Belarussian State University. Began going in for Terrariumistic in 1977.
Raisa Prohorchik graduated from biological faculty of Tula Pedagogical University, where she began going in for reptiles.

During seven years Sergey and Raisa were working in Tula zoo, took a great part in it's creation. Here we met each other. In these years has begun a creation of our united reptile collection, which was the beginning of Prohorchik Reptiles.

In year 1995 we moved to Minsk (Belarus). Here we continued developing of our collection, developing methods of breeding of new species, continued selective breeding. Our son Maxim is a student of biological faculty of Belarussian State University. He is also fond of reptiles and takes part in work of Prohorchik Reptiles.

The majority of our animals breeds every year. In addition, we maintain and breed our own feed rodents and insects for our collection, we also have a possibility to keep and grow our bred reptiles. We have a great expirience of working with young animals. That's why our animals are always high-qualited. Prohorchik reptiles is a home of such new morphs:

  • Eublepharis macularius – White&Yellow
  • Boa constrictor – Max Caramel albino T+ or as they are usually called in Europe «Blond albino T+» © 2009 All Rights Reserved