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Welcome to Prohorchik reptiles website

     On our website you can see the species diversity of reptiles in our collection, as well with those that we breed successfully, which you can buy. We sell only animal we bred ourselves. Also here you'll find detailed information about morphs «White & Yellow» and «Max Caramel albino T +». We also publish our news and future plans on this website. We hope you will be interested in our animals.

28.06.2013 we got the H. caudicinctus White Out albino baby hatched. This is the second case in the world. It seems that White Out albine exists.

21.06.2013 P. brongersmai babies hatched. There are Batik het.T+ albino and normal het. T+ albino babies in litter

Some morphs Hemitheconyx caudicinctus hatched

15.06.2013 Rhynchophis boulengeri female laid eggs

12.06.2013 Python regius albino female laid eggs

12.06.2013 Python molurus bivittatus babies hatched from eggs

03.06.2013 Morelia viridis Kofiau female laid eggs

29.05.2013 Oreocryptophis laticinctus female laid eggs 

15.05.2013 Antaresia stimsoni female laid eggs

14.05.2013 Maculophis bellus chapaensis female laid eggs 

11.05.2013 Python molurus bivittatus «Granite» female laid eggs 

23.04.2013 Python molurus bivittatus female laid eggs 

16.04.2013 Epicrates cenchria babies were born

15.04.2013 Python brongersmai Batik female laid eggs from pairing with P.brongersmai T+ albino

10.04.2013 Python molurus bivittatus female laid eggs

26.03.2013 Epicrates cenchria babies were born

04.01.2013 Brahylophus fasciatus babies hatched from eggs

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